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Why Tea is Good for Your Health

Now that it’s getting cold many of us are looking forward to curling up next to a nice fire with a warm cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea. Although no matter what the season, tea can be a tasty beverage since it can be served iced or hot. The benefits of tea go far beyond refreshment and there is plenty of research showing that drinking tea can actually improve your health.

The way certain teas are processed not only give them their names but also determine their health benefits. For example, green teas are the least processed and tend to have the highest amounts of polyphenols, and the only type that contain the polyphenol, catechin. Certain herbal teas are known for their medicinal values, including soothing the digestive system.

Some of the top health benefits of tea are found below:

  1. Tea has antioxidants

  2. Antioxidants- a substance that inhibits oxidation, especially one used to counteract the deterioration of stored food products and thus help to keep us young and protect us from the damage we do to our bodies.

  3. Perk up with Tea

  4. Herbal blends have no caffeine, while traditional teas have less than 50 percent of what typically is found in coffee. That means you can consume it without those pesky effects on your nervous system and still get a bit of a pick me up.

  5. Soothe the digestive system

  6. Herbal teas, in particular chamomile, can be good for people with irritable bowel syndrome because it is an antispasmodic and ginger teas can even calm nausea.

  7. Tea is calorie free

  8. It’s a great no-calorie alternative to water, it provides so many options for flavor and versatility. You can have it hot or cold. And you don’t have to put anything in it, though you might want to add a cinnamon stick or some ginger. That means you’re able to hydrate with something other than water alone.

  9. Tea may boost the immune system

  10. Recent studies have shown tea can tune up immune cells so they reach their targets quicker. Green tea is a great immune system booster filled with antioxidants.

Forgo that cup of coffee and have some tea instead!


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