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Flu is Coming...

The fall season has finally come upon us and it is bringing the sickness. The influenza or the seasonal flu if not treated can lead to infections like pneumonia, or increase health issues that are already present, it can even lead to death depending on the severity of the sickness. Luckily, there are steps to take to prevent getting the flu or if you already have it, make you feel better.

Ways to Prevent the flu:

-Wash your hands. People cough and sneeze into their hands and arms every day, it is best to keep the flu from spreading or any sickness in general by washing your hands.

-Use disinfectant whenever and wherever. Germs can be on any surface waiting to attack ones immune system for up to 72 hours.

-Cough into the elbow. Doing the elbow cough prevents germs from being transferred from the sick persons hands to another hands.

-Drink WATER. Staying hydrated can help strengthen your immune system and if you're already sick, can help flush the flu out of your system.

People who should NOT get the vaccination:

-children under the age of 6 months

-people with allergies that could be life threatening if vaccinated

How to tell the difference between the cold and the flu:

Colds are usually more milder than the flu but have they share the same symptoms. The difference between the two is that they are caused by different viruses. The flu can be more abrupt and can lead to serious health issues unlike the cold, which is more general and do not cause serious health issues but instead an annoying stuffiness.

Let's try and keep this flu season at bay this year and take the precautions to keep from getting everyone sick! The Chiropractic Office of Dr. Gene Ross wishes everyone to enjoy this fall season in good health.


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