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Dr. Ross holding a plaster model of a spine and pelvis.

Everybody has a story, right? Me too.



The most significant story that I want to share with you is how I personally learned that all chiropractors are not created equal.


Let’s start with the fact that I am a big guy and I played a lot of college football. I did everything I could to stay conditioned and remain competitive. But after I got into Chiropractic College, the academic life and its demands took over and now I was just a big guy, not so well conditioned anymore.


This reality ultimately had me come face to face with some distressing health challenges which labeled me with high cholesterol and at high risk for cardiovascular disease…. in my 20’s!  Was I scared? Oh, yeah. 


I took the drugs that were prescribed and continued my academic studies in health and wellness.  Kind of crazy, right? 


Then I met a chiropractor who sat me down and said getting my life back needed to be high on my priority list and she was going to help me find the path.  I was so touched by the support and how she broke the plan into easy pieces for me, that not only did I follow the path back to health, I have created a lifestyle that allows me to effortlessly enjoy optimal health and wellness. 


This chiropractor not only gave me a gift, but she also gave my patients one too.  Because I understand that the road to health can be overwhelming to attain and maintain without a clear map, I offer that to my patients that want help.  I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2011 wanting to be THAT kind of chiropractor. 


I am always happy to share my story, but more importantly, I want to hear yours. Health is the foundation of enjoying many good things in life.


Call my office today for an appointment to discuss any of your health challenges, or for performance evaluation. I look forward to meeting you. 
I love helping people find their personal best. 


Dr. Gene C. Ross

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