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Self-Care: Why Is It Important?

What exactly is self-care? It is taking care of your mental health, social health, and physical health through activities that are targeted towards those three health's but it is overlooked most of the time. There are ads out there expressing how important it is to do something by telling someone they must do that specific activity to achieve the care. Self-care is reached by doing something you love, not by doing an order.

Ways to improve your self-care include:

  • Journal all positive thoughts

  • Take a trip to get away from stressors

  • Make better decisions on what to eat

  • Take daily walks rain or shine

  • Make time for you friends

  • Take multi-vitamins

Managing your self-care is essentially living a balanced life and life can get way to stressful for anyone to handle. It is always important to take those steps back and focus on yourself. Taking those steps to improve self-care can lead to a stronger immune system, increase our positive thinking, makes us better caretakers, AND reduces the chances of having high stress levels, depression, and anxiety. To be able to practice better self-care, one must not see it as a indulgence but as a discipline.

There different types of self-care:

  • Sensory Self-care helps one calm the mind through their senses. For example: sitting in front of a fire listening to the crackling of the wood and nothing else.

  • Emotional Self-care has you engage in your emotions and embarrassing ALL of them. It is healthy to feel sad, angry but as well as happy and excited because we are human! Don't let the emotions stay bottled inside.

  • Spiritual Self-care doesn't necessarily mean to go to a church and be on with God, you can go for a walk through the forest and feel calm in nature or read some poetry.

  • Physical Self-care pertains to ones physical abilities but your fitness is not only important for your well-being, it also helps you relieve pent up stress. Some people cycle, some dance, some just walk with their pets. Any of these activities can help reduce stress and still help improve your well-being.

  • Social Self-care is important to most of us whether you are introverted or extroverted, we are the most happy when we connect to others. Being around friends helps you feel more grounded and happy.

Self-care ins't just about doing what you need to do to feel healthier, it is about wanting to. The Chiropractic Office of Dr. Gene Ross encourages you to do what you want to do most and not feel the need to do it.

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