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Happy Father's Day!

Father’s Day is this weekend and it’s a time to celebrate all that dads do! Quite often, dads are the last to complain or fuss about what they must do for their families, the sacrifices they make to ensure there’s a roof overhead and food on the table. All they really want is a healthy and happy family when they come home from work at the end of the day. You know the sayings, “If Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy?” and “Happy wife, happy life” they were created by a dad. Dads are almost always met with grouchy children or a frazzled wife, and dinner may or may not be done. What we’re saying is the sacrifices dads often make for their families aren’t always heralded, and Father’s Day is the one day a year we can take a step back -- or maybe more appropriately, step up -- and say “thank you” to the men, dads and partners who are so special in our lives. Dads have your back -- so now it’s time to give back and make sure you have your dad’s back this Father’s Day! In our experience, dads hold the weight of the world on their shoulders. They want their family's to have the world, so they work hard to make that happen. Whether it’s physical labor or a desk job, working hard and dealing with stress can take its toll physically. The problem with men is they are usually the last to admit when something just isn’t right and they’re not feeling the greatest.They’re going to just “walk it off.” In fact, sociologists have found men in Western societies to be far less proactive about their own health. They don’t seek out medical help or advice for issues they may be having for many reasons, chief among them that men are taught to be strong yet silent. That’s not OK! And that’s where chiropractic can come in handy in your dad’s life.

Chiropractic care isn’t medical care for the sick or injured. While it may be true many people end up visiting a chiropractor for the first time to deal with back or neck pain, your chiropractor’s ultimate goal is to get you well and keep you there. Men, especially, can benefit from this in many ways. It’s regular contact with a medical professional for wellness care, not when they have a specific complaint. So, if something should pop up your dad has already established himself with his chiropractor and may feel more comfortable seeking treatment for what is bothering him. Plus, chiropractic wellness care can reduce the risk for other health problems down the road.

Another way in which chiropractic care benefits men is by helping to alleviate discomfort and pain. Many men have been led to believe over the course of their lives that soreness, stiffness, and pain are a side effect of the aging process -- we know now that’s not true! If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, it’s a signal from your body something isn’t right. A chiropractor can hunt down the root of the problem and address it, leading to optimal functioning of the body, thereby creating a dad who is much more comfortable and happy. And we all want dads to be happy, right? If your dad is the sporty type, chiropractic can also help with sports injuries. Whether the dad in your family is a jogger, golfer, basketball player or the first baseman in the local beer league, chiropractic care helps to support the body’s natural recovery process. Your dad won’t be sidelined for long and may remain healthy enough to stay off the disabled list -- and isn’t that what we want? If you’re struggling to try to come up with a gift for you dad for Father’s Day, why not give him the gift that keeps on giving and introduce him to the wonderful world of chiropractic care? Your dad has your back; now it’s time for you to have his as well!


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