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How to Avoid Excess Calories From Alcohol

Counting calories from food is an obvious thing to do when trying to lose weight but what’s not so obvious is tracking calories from alcohol intake. Most alcohol is dense in calories and sugar but there are ways to avoid packing on the “beer gut”. To help prevent your stomach from hanging over your pants — here are a few ways to drink to your health while still having fun:

  1. Skip the Mixers and Find Some Nutrients

The addition of juices, sodas, and sugary syrups boost calories way beyond a straight shot. Instead, try some healthy alternatives such as herb infusions, flavored club soda, a squeeze of citrus, or, if you must, use diet soda instead of sodas laden with sugar. Don’t be distracted by the fancy name of a drink and ask the bartender what the beverage actually contains. Think outside the glass by going for blended drinks highlighting fresh fruits and veggies that help supply some volume and nutritional value.

  1. One is Better than Two

  2. Ask that a single shot of a spirit be added to your beverage instead of letting the bartender choose how many calories you’re going to consume.

  3. If you just want to be social and club soda won't cut it with the company you’re keeping, ask for a wine spritzer, heavy on the spritz. This option can be a subtle way for you to be a part of the party without any guilt the day after.

  4. If you know you’re gonna be consuming more than one beer try to make a low calorie beer your drink of choice. You’ll be able to drink along with friends and still keep your calories for actual food.

  5. Alcohol is a dehydrator. Replacing fluid, particularly in warmer climates, is essential. Calories aside, try to make every other drink either club soda, sparkling water, or just plain water. Adding ice cubes to your beverage will help hydrate you and also make your glass of booze feel bigger. This will also prevent any nasty hangover the next day.

  6. Don’t be a Wino just have a Spritz

  7. Low Cal Beer

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!


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