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Dangers of Social Media Use

On average, people are on social media 2-3 hours or more a day most of them are younger people ages 16-24. It is recommended that each person should spend up to 30 minutes a day exploring their social media because spending so much time on it can negatively affect ones mental and physical health. The more time spent on social media the higher chance that the person will have symptoms of depression/ anxiety that are linked to the quality of interactions online. Although more studies need to be shown on how anxiety is caused from social media use, the studies that have been done show that general symptoms appear in individuals who are on it 2 or more hours a day. Sleep patterns are also negatively impacted, most younger individuals fall asleep using their phones browsing Instagram or snapping someone on Snapchat until late at night. This is caused by the artificial blue lighting that is produced from the phone screen, this lighting delay circadian rhythms which in turn arouses us before we fall asleep.

Social media use doesn't just affect our physiological health but can cause self-esteem issues as well. In this generation, we see models post on social media and all we see is how skinny and tan they are making little girls see that and want to be like them which isn't necessarily the best. Now, Instagram for example, social media websites have issued apps that can allow someone to edit how they look by making them look slimmer, tanner, change their lip size and so on. Social media also plays a role in relationships and cyberbullying. Cyber bullying is more and more popular than it was 5 years ago, causing more teens to feel like they are not worthy of their lives or unattractive to the world. Relationships are now being developed through electronics, making having connections with others harder and most young adults feel like they should be different than they are in person. Social media use has started making positive and negative impact on today's society very quickly especially with the younger generations.

The Chiropractic Office Of Dr Gene Ross wants to challenge you to try spending 30 minutes to an hour a day on social media instead of more than 2 hours so you can enjoy life through your eyes and not through a lens.

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