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Lifestyle Changes For The Better

Changing your way of life quickly and successfully can be one of the most difficult endeavors someone may go through, either voluntarily or not. We as humans are always changing so why is it so hard to break habits and change our lifestyle? We get comfortable with how we live, eat, sleep, treat others, and even with our environment. Then when it comes to having to change we do not accept it, making excuses that "keep" us from breaking habits like saying there is not enough time in the day or I have to make dinner for the family. These all may be "valid" reasons but they shouldn't be the ultimate cause of not succeeding in changing your life.

How does one go about changing their lifestyle?

Set SMART goals: These need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound. You don't want to make goals for yourself that are too broad like "I want to lose weight", a SMART goal is something like "I will burn 2,000 calories within the week by walking/jogging around the neighborhood every morning".

Focus on making healthy decisions: Instead of going to McDonald's for a McDouble cheeseburger and a large fry, try staying home and cook a hearty meal. That meal could eventually be left overs for lunch at work the next day.

Set one goal that doesn't involve losing weight: One goal should be about your mental health, for example making an effort to donate or volunteer for charity organizations twice a week for a certain amount of months.

Make a routine for yourself: Add into your schedule exercise and snack times to avoid eating too much along with family time so you are not too stressed out and can relax even if it is just to sit down and watch a movie.

Adapt into routine slowly: If you rush into your new routine, you will become overwhelmed and stress yourself out which eventually would cause the change to become a failure.

Stock the kitchen with foods you will need: Go grocery shopping try picking out foods that are low in -sodium, -fats, but high in proteins. You can find some healthy tasty recipes on Pinterest too if you do not know what to get.

And finally,

Set a date to start.

In this process, there will be failed attempts but you only succeed when met with failure. So, The Chiropractic Office of Dr. Gene Ross wants to remind you that it is OK to fail, it's part of life just get right back up an try again and again.

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