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After The Fun In The Sun:

You had your fun outside playing beach volleyball for hours or sitting by the pool enjoying the day off trying to get a tan going but didn’t protect your skin from getting burnt. Now you are at that painful and not so fun point, so burnt you have blisters or are unable to move without the searing pain of wrinkling that fried skin. What do you do?

  • Use Aloe Vera. This will give the cooling relief needed from a burn but will need constant re-applications.

  • Put a cold cloth on the site. Apply for 10-15 mins on and off. This will help you feel comfortable as much as possible.

  • Drink a TON of water. When sunburnt, your body is becoming dehydrated because the fluids are being drawn away from your body. Drinking water helps replenish your hydration while healing from the burn.

  • Do NOT pick at the blisters (if there are any). If burnt extremely bad, your skin will develop blisters, small and large ones. Blisters are indications of a second degree burn, and if picked possibly could lead to infections.

  • Wear long sleeves and pants to cover the burn if going outside. The last thing you want is prolong the healing process from a major sunburn. If you need to leave your house and have to spend some hours outdoors, wearing tight woven clothes will feel more comfortable compared to leaving the burn exposed to more damaging UV rays.

  • Showering in cool water. Some people like to think that hot water showers is a pain relief of a burn but really a cool water shower will help constrict vessels causing your skin to cool down the burn.

To prevent this process of moisturizing, hydrating, and taking care of your skin use preventive precautions like sunscreen. It only takes a few minutes to protect the outermost layer of your body rather than the days and hours it takes to just feel comfortable and rejuvenate your skin. The Chiropractic Office of Dr. Gene Ross wishes you burn free sunny days.

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