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October 15, 2019

The Do’s and Don’ts of Weight Training

In weight training, it’s easy to lose sight of the fundamentals when you get caught up in the nitty gritty details you see in the media. Here’s a checklist to make sure you are on track:


  • Be consistent with your workouts. Doing...

February 19, 2018

New parents expect sleepless nights, frequent changing of diapers and endless crying, but most are unprepared for the physical challenge of carrying and looking after a toddler full-time, or even just for a couple of hours a day.

As difficult as it is for parents of y...

February 14, 2018

Many of us can’t make it through the day without being asked the question, “do you even lift?”. Even with today’s fitness rage, many of us would respond “no” to this abrupt question. Although most of us aren’t doing any Olympic weight lifting we could all still respond...

October 31, 2016

Be consistent with your workouts. Doing these hit-and-run workouts will have you wondering why your aren’t seeing any results. You have to stick to your program and do your best every single workout. Try to make some kind of improvement every time you go to the gym.